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Paraguayan Rural Youth Face Barriers to Educational Access

Mapping the spatial relationship of schools to secondary school-aged youth in Paraguay points to students in rural communities as the most distanced from schools Although Paraguay has made significant progress in expanding educational opportunities for youth, they still have much headway to make in SDG 4: Promoting a Quality Education.

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SDG Policy Initiative’s work in Paraguay

The SDGPI has been working closely with the Paraguayan government to evaluate their subnational progress towards the SDGs and design policy initiatives to fill the gaps The Agenda 2030 imposes unique challenges to each nation that demand policy solutions on multiple fronts. Setting the best initiatives to fill the gaps

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Land Use Policy for a More Sustainable San Diego

Local policymakers looking to address local goals of increasing housing and congestion while also achieving the SDGs can prioritize land use in the area surrounding light rail stations in San Diego As the urgency to address climate change increases at the global level, pressure is building to reduce greenhouse gas

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Geospatial Methods to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Paraguay

Spatial data is used to identify priority locations for care centers that can help Paraguay achieve progress on SDG 3.1, maternal mortality in addition to providing a wide range of benefits from improved access to care for rural populations. Paraguay has set an ambitious goal to reduce its maternal mortality

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