Meet the Team

Gordon McCord

Director, SDG Policy Initiative

Gordon McCord is Associate Dean and Associate Teaching Professor of Economics at the School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego. He is also Senior Advisor to the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations. He has an extensive background in sustainable development and works at the intersection of development economics, public health and the environment.

Joe Bettles

GPS Student Intern, SDGPI Coordinator

Joe Bettles is a Masters of Public Policy Student at GPS where he is focused on energy and environmental policy. He is also working with The Nature Conservancy on Agroforestry Policy Research.

Charlotte Gonzalez-Abraham

SDGPI Affiliate, FABLE-Mexico

Charlotte Gonzalez-Abraham is a science consultant associated with ISLA, AC in Baja California Sur. She is working on projects on land use and food systems with a focus on sustainability and conservation of biodiversity.

Romie Tejada

GPS Student Intern, FABLE Project

Romie Tejeda is a Masters of Public Policy Student at GPS focused on Energy Policy. She has experience with the Baja-SoCal economic Zone and is an intern wit Diurna Energy, Inc.

Mario Rodriguez Heredia

GPS Student Intern, Paraguay Project

Mario is a policy analyst with a background in public finance analysis and evaluation of infrastructure and energy projects in Mexico. Currently, he is pursuing a Master of Public Policy in the environmental and program evaluation specializations.

Michael Andrews

SDGPI Affiliate, SDG ESRI Project

Michael Andrews recently graduated from GPS and is currently working with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He uses an interdisciplinary approach to deconstruct and address complex environmental and socioeconomic questions in order to inform grounded policy solutions

Fernanda Herrera

SDGPI Affiliate, FABLE-Mexico

Fernanda Herrera holds a PhD in Economics from El Colegio de Mexico. She is doing geospatial analytical modeling for sustainable land use planning.

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