San Diego Regional Decarbonization Framework

The Regional Decarbonization Framework is intended to anchor the San Diego region in emerging best practices from across the nation and globally. It seeks to chart sciencebased pathways towards deep decarbonization that can be implemented in a feasible and expeditious timeline. It proposes a paradigm shift in our local economy. The scale and pace of this effort will require partnerships between public and private sectors, particularly, business, labor and environmental communities. We will therefore continue to seek input and involvement from all stakeholders as we begin the process of implementing the goals outlined in this framework.

San Diego Regional Decarbonization Framework

Achieving decarbonization in San Diego requires coordinated action at every level of government. San Diego County has committed itself to meet this challenge through a Regional Decarbonization Framework (RDF) that will establish technical and policy pathways to deep decarbonization in land use, power, buildings, and transportation sectors. The SDG Policy Initiative is leading a coordinated effort of local universities, experts, stakeholders, and local government officials. Beyond San Diego, the RDF can provide an example of how to plan for, and implement, deep decarbonization at the regional level. 

RDF Research Areas


Land Use