The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by all 193 members of the United Nations in 2015, bring together academia, government, business and civil society around a shared agenda for this decade. The SDG Policy Initiative leverages the global salience of the SDGs to showcase the wide range of faculty research, centers and projects at the School of Global Policy and Strategy. Additionally, SDGPI engages in numberous programs that put the SDGs into action to guide and measure progress at all levels of government. From decarbonization plans and policies for San Diego and the United States to helping the government of Paraguay implement the SDGs as a framework for sustainable growth to designing sustainable land-use tools for Mexico and the United States, the SDG Policy Initiative works to help achieve the ambitious goals of the SDGs with evidence-based solutions.

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Financing SDGs in Paraguay

Assessing Paraguay’s progress toward achieving the SDGs with a focus on research and development, along with recommendations to increase private sector participation and incentives, strengthen

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Ricke and McCord discuss Wollburg et al.’s study on the intersection of poverty and climate change. Eliminating extreme poverty by 2050 might increase global greenhouse-gas emissions by less than 5%, challenging assumptions. With climate-smart growth, considering improved tech and reduced inequality, this impact reduces tenfold. The analysis highlights the . . .

Dec 1, 2023

Gordon McCord’s NYT highlights the predictable nature of the weather phenomenon known as El Niño and its potentially disastrous consequences for various regions worldwide. They emphasize its impact on global temperatures, precipitation patterns, and the subsequent threats it poses to human health, food systems, and vulnerable populations, particularly children. . . .

Director's Message

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the world’s shared purpose, centered on the simple yet revolutionary principle of “leave no one behind”.  Across the world, the SDGs have been embraced at all levels of society.  Cities such as Los AngelesHelsinkiBuenos Aires, national governments including Mexico and India as well as private companies like Qualcomm and Hilton have committed themselves to the shared goal of a sustainable and inclusive future, using the SDGs to guide and measure progress.

Having spent my career in research as well as working with governments around the world, I know that many of the solutions exist to achieve the SDGs, but too often the silos within academia and government  limit opportunities to translate science into good policy.  The SDG Policy Initiative uses the SDGs as a framework for bringing together policymakers and researchers to inform evidence-based solutions for a sustainable future.  The SDGPI showcases the latest scientific contributions around the 17 SDGs at the School of Global Policy and Strategy, through its faculty and research centers.  In addition, you will learn about a series of programs that put the SDGs into action to address interconnected challenges at global, national and local scales. 

Across interrelated challenges such as poverty, discrimination, climate change and biodiversity loss, meeting the SDGs and achieving sustainable and inclusive growth more broadly will require bringing academia, governments, civil society, the private sector, and individuals together around the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals.  These principles — sustainability with equity and justice at its core — have never been more urgent.

Director, SDG Policy Initiative, UC San Diego