Paraguay and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Despite strong economic growth, Paraguay faces persistent development challenges, particularly for populations of rural poor. The SDG Policy Initiative has partnered with SDSN on a new project to support the government of Paraguay with the tools necessary to take action.


This project will not only inform domestic policy but will place Paraguay within a global community on a shared path toward the 2030 Agenda. Indicators provide Paraguay a common language from which to learn from other countries and share best practices. Clearly defined objectives with data can lead to dramatic improvements in the health and well being of all Paraguayans.

Phases of the SDG Agenda in Paraguay

The SDG Policy Initiative is working in partnership with SDSN and their network of researchers, statisticians and experts around the world.

The SDGs provide a universal metric to be able to deeply understand the progress a country is making towards a sustainable future and the ability to compare that progress with other countries. Once a baseline is set and targets are created, all stakeholders can begin to move in the same direction.

<< This visual performance metric was created by the SDSN for the annual 2019 World Sustainable Development Report which covers all 193 member states of the UN.